Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fitness Superstar Profile!

By: Paulina Cisneros
Ella es Carolyne, instructora de Español y madre de dos! No te digo su edad, pero si te digo que es una Súper Estrella del Ejercicio!! Ahora que estas retomando las riendas de tu salud y haciendo ejercicio, quiero sugerir que busques a alguien en tu entorno que te inspire, que este donde quiere estar en términos de su peso y talla. Carolyne acude al mismo gimnasio que yo, y me he dado cuenta que esta mamá de dos, es súper constante, disciplinada y siempre da lo mejor de ella. Esta semana nos va a compartir una rutina de ejercicios súper prácticos de 10 minutos que ella practica en su casa, en esos días en los que ir al gimnasio suena como una imposibilidad.

Meet Carolyne, she is a Spanish teacher and the proud mother of two. I will let you guess her age, but let it be no mystery…She is a real life, Fitness Superstar and inspiration! As you embark in this journey of health consciousness and as you make progress in your weigh loss efforts, look around you and find real life role models to help inspire you and motivate you to stay on track. Carolyne is a member at my health club, and I have witnessed first hand, how this momma works out and sets the bar super high when it comes to practicing good form, disciple and consistency. This week Carolyne is sharing with VidaGlam her quick, 10 minute, blood pumping home, office, do anywhere exercise routine for those days when going to the gym just seems impossible.

10 minute, Do-Antime, Anywhere Routine:
By: Carolyne Swaney

Todos hemos tenido un día donde ir al gimnasio simplemente no esta en los planes. Tienes mucho que hacer, estas cansado, o simplemente no quieres. Esta rutina es la respuesta a QUALQUIER excusa que tengas! Yo lo he hecho en el pasillo mientras los niños están en el baño, mientras tengo la cena en la estufa, o cuando simplemente no le puedo dedicar el tiempo para manejar al gimnasio, ir a hacer ejercicio, etc. etc. Esta rutina es un rapidin de 10 minutos y la puedes repetir para obtener los beneficios de unos 20 o 30 minutos de ejercicio. Lo mejor? No necesitas absolutamente NINGUN equipo. Solo un reloj para medir el tiempo.

We’ve all had that day when going to the gym is just not in the cards. Too busy, too tired, or you just don’t feel like it. This workout is your answer to ANY excuse in the book. I’ve done it in the hallway while the kids are in the bathtub, while dinner is on the stove, or when I couldn’t dedicate the time to drive to the gym, work out, drive home, etc. This quickie can be 10 minutes long or you can repeat the circuit for a 20 or 30 minute workout. The best part? You need absolutely NO equipment. You just need a clock or stopwatch.


Haz cada ejercicio por un minuto. Si se te hace muy difícil al principio o no puedes mantener la forma correcta, has 25 segundos del ejercicio, descansa 10 segundos y después has otros 25 segundos. Has los ejercicios en el orden en el que están descritos para que así trabajes todo el cuerpo.

Perform each move for 1 minute. If the move is too difficult in the beginning, or you find that you can’t maintain proper form, complete 25 seconds of the exercise, rest for 10 seconds, then complete 25 seconds more. Do the exercises in the sequence given to work different body parts and keep your whole body firing.

Tricep Pushups: Turn around on your bench and rest hands on the edge. Keep feet together and press down, bending elbows to 90 degree angles.

Bicycle: Work your abdominal muscles with the bicycle. Lay back, raise legs and place your fingers behind your ears. Twist fully to the right, and try to get your left elbow to the outside of your leg. Slowly (take at least two counts) twist to the left. As you twist, bring in the opposite leg, keeping the other leg straight. During the exercise, keep your low back pressed to the floor to ensure that your abs, and not lower back muscles, are doing the work.

 Squat Sides: These shuffles keep the focus on outer and inner thighs and torch through calories. Maintain a low, squatted position and step left foot to the left, pushing off that foot, bring it back to center and step right foot to the right. Push off the right foot, bring it back to the center, and repeat. The move should be performed quickly with a straight back, abs pulled tight!

Transverse Lunges: Work the smaller muscles in your butt
with these lunges. Keep toes facing forward, and step back into a lunge, pressing low into the butt muscles of the front leg. Press down, hold for one count, then press up through the front heel. Step back foot out to the side and step back with the other leg to repeat.

Mermaids: This exercise works your entire core, and gets shoulders and back as well. Get in a plank position (push up position) with hands under shoulders. Lift one arm to the ceiling, keeping hips up and turning your body. Thread the upper arm through, and raise again. Complete 25 seconds on one side then switch sides.    

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