Friday, August 2, 2013

The Skinny on Green Smoothies

We've all been there, rushing in the morning, trying to get ready for school or work and your skinny jeans are just too tight for comfort. So you panic and swear by all saints that you will never eat another piece of food in your life...that is, until your stomach starts signaling otherwise. And then you realize, you can't live without food.

Then you must decide, what to eat. If you are like me, easy and convenient will do the trick.

 Green Smoothies are easy, light, packed with vitamins and minerals. Vegans swear by them. Vegetarians love them. Even those who eat meat like them. So next time you're in a hurry and want something that is not only good for you, but will be super healthy too, have a green smoothie. Green smoothies cancel out a lot of the sugars that you would have with regular smoothie, and believe me, cutting out the sugar is a great thing! You can even add a protein powder to them to make them more satisfying. You can have them as a morning snack 3 hours after you eat breakfast or right between your lunch and dinner.

Here is my favorite recipe:

8 oz of Almond milk
1 Cup of Spinach
1/2 a spoon of ground flax seed ( its super packed with Omega 3 and 6)
1/2 an apple or a peach

This smoothie is delicious, light and easy to make. Remember, we are what we eat! Motivating you is my motivation!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nike's Fuel Band....Motivating You to  Keep moving!

Yes!!! Nike did it again! They always manage to surprise the athlete in me. So this nifty little gadget measures the calories that you burn throughout the day, it keeps track of the steps you take, and the most amazing thing is that it lets you set a "fuel goal", yeah I know, its a little confusing, but basically it allows you to set an activity goal that you can eventually surpass. As you may all ready know, one can only build endurance by doing just a little more than we did the last time we exercised. So the Nike Fuel Band lets you see your progress throughout the year, because it sinks with your computer  and you can actually compare your progress day to day, week to week and month to month. As you can see on the image bellow, it shows my progress from January to July. As you can the see my record moth was March, but the rest of the moths are average.

I really like this tool because it serves as a constant reminder to keep moving and it helps me see my progress through out the year. The cost is a little steep ($150.00 USD) but definitely worth the money. However, the Fuel band comes with a year warranty, so it makes it nice to know that if it breaks, Nike will replace it a no cost to you, no questions asked! 

El Nike Fuel Band .... Te Motiva a Mantenerte Activo!

Sí Nike lo hizo de nuevo! Ellos siempre se las arreglan para sorprender al atleta en mí. Así que este pequeño gadget ingenioso mide las calorías que quemas durante el día, mide los pasos que das y lo más sorprendente es que te permite establecer una "meta de combustible"; sí ya sé, es un poco confuso, pero básicamente te permite establecer una meta de actividad que a la larga puedas superar. Solo es posible mejorar tu resistencia al hacer un poco mas de actividad de la que hiciste la ultima vez que hiciste ejercicio. Así que el Nike Fuel Band te permite ver su progreso y la actividad que hiciste durante el año, ya que se conecta con la computadora y te permite comparar tu progreso día a día, semana a semana y mes a mes. Como puedes ver en la imagen de abajo, muestra mi progreso, de Enero a Julio. Es evidente que Marzo fue un mes mas activo, y los meses después mantuve un nivel de actividad "normal": 

Me gusta mucho esta herramienta, ya que sirve como un recordatorio constante para mantenerse en movimiento y me ayuda a ver mi progreso. El precio es un poco caro ($ 150.00 USD), pero sin duda vale la pena. Sin embargo, la banda de combustible viene con un año de garantía, lo que es bueno saber que si se rompe, Nike te la reemplazará sin costo alguno y sin hacer preguntas!